The science behind the IVG-IR technology is to allow a fluid to self-organize into an ordered vortex movement.
Vortex movement is fundamental in nature. It occurs in galaxies, tornados, mountain streams, and human blood flow.
The IVG-IR technology is able to generate a well-defined multi-dimensional vortex at a considerably lower pressure and flow than what can be achieved through other techniques.

How does it work?

The vortex shapes the flow of water passing through it

It’s an innovative, environmentally friendly solution to improve processes and efficiency.

A strong, structured vortex is created when water is run through the system under pressure.


After the preformer, the fluid is directed through a set of channels, each with vortex-forming geometry. Each channel delivers a jet stream of vortex flow tangentially into a vortex chamber. In the vortex chamber, the vortices from the channels are wound together, similar to how a rope is spun together from a set of threads. A strong and stable vortex flow is formed inside the vortex chamber, causing a strongly reduced pressure along the vortex axis.

Easily integrated into processes and sized for the specific needs of the installation

A range of standard solutions for multiple applications

Watreco IVG 1.3
Watreco IVG 4
Watreco IVG 6
Watreco IVG 10
Max pressure at 20°C
16 bar/232 PSI (PN16)
16 bar/232 PSI (PN16)
16 bar/232 PSI (PN16)
16 bar/232 PSI (PN16)
Normal flow 3-5 bar
1.3m3/h / 343 gal/h
4m3/h / 1,057 gal/h
6m3/h / 1,585 gal/h
10m3/h / 2,642 gal/h
Max Temperature
80°C / 176 F
80°C / 176 F
80°C / 176 F
80°C / 176 F
Length (A)
150 mm
376 mm
461 mm
544 mm
Diametre (B)
70 mm
82 mm
96 mm
120 mm
0.2 kg
0,32 kg
0,46 kg
0,93 kg
Connected to (C)
ISO 228-G¾”
ISO 228-G1”
ISO 228-G1”
ISO 228-G1¼”
  • Vortex Process Technology (VPT) are made of PA2200 based on polyamide 12
  • Standardized product range for a wide range of applications
  • High resistance of equipment to pressure
  • Usual service temperature -40C to + 80C (maximum mechanical resistance)
  • Good chemical resistance * (report on request)
  • Excellent consistent long-term behavior
  • Equipment containing stabilizers against oxidation
  • Numerous finishing possibilities (powder painting, metallization)
  • Bio-compatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 and USP level 121C
  • Approved for direct food contact European Directive 2002/72 / EC
  • Freeform ® Manufacturing process


Installation is easy and can be done on any irrigation system.

The image on the left shows the installation of an IVG-IR 1300 (1.3m3/h flow capacity) installed inline at the test site at the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre in Ontario for a study on lettuce growth

The system runs solely off water pressure (minimum 45 psi) and is installed based on the size of an existing pipe system, in this case 3/4 inch (capable up to 2 inch).