IVG-IR Usage Impact on Cucumber Growth

This test was carried out in collaboration with the Advanced Horticulture Company (Al Hayer, by Al Ain, U.A.E.)
The main objective was to study the effect of using IVG-IR for enhancing productivity and other crop properties of cucumbers under the local conditions of the United Arab Emirates.


Net Yield

+ 0 %


- 0 %

Shelf life, 4-5 C

+ 0 %

Plant Viability

+ 0 %

A number of parameters were selected to study the effect of using IVG-IR for the irrigation of cucumber crops vs. t of reference (control) crop using normal tap water. These parameters include plant growth, plant viability, the productivity measured on the basis of total yield of cucumbers, rejected fruits/cucumbers, roots weight and shelf life of the cucumber fruits of both tested crops.

Two water tanks were used. One was filled with control water; the other one was filled with water treated with IVG-IR. The tanks were feeding the drop irrigation system. The plants were growing in soil.

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