IVG-IR improves the growth, yield, quality, and shelf life of the product. Enhancing the overall consistency and taste.

The IVG-IR can be added to any existing irrigation system in the greenhouse including hydroponics. 

The system has been tested in three different configurations. 

  1. Only using the IVG-IR without any nutrients or fertilizers used
  2. Using the IVG to fill up a tank (4000L), mix the nutrients in this tank and pump the water to the crop, in soil or drip irrigation
    1. Same amount of nutrients for both the control site and the IVG site
    2. In other tests less nutrients & water have been used and achieved the same yield as before
  3. Using the IVG inline in drip irrigation: 
    1. City water or Reverse Osmosis water thru the IVG-IR
    2. After the IVG-IR, inject nutrients
    3. Watering the plants (drip irrigation)
    4. Exceeded water collected underneath the plants, transported back to a holding tank and re-used back in to the crop

The crop that was treated with IVG-IR water showed in general better results than the reference (control) crop with regard to all parameters tested: Plant growth was slightly faster, viability of the plants was much higher, total yield higher, rejects reduced, mass and weight of the roots was slightly better and improved shelf life.